Feather Necklaces

Dazzling Amazonian Feathers That Catch The Eye

There are only a handful of jewelry designers that work with such astonishing feathers as the ones found in this Feather Necklace collection. Debbie carefully handcrafts every one of these immaculate necklaces herself, and pins a sustainably-sourced Central/South American bird feather to each. Within this collection, she adorns each feather necklace with 14k gold, precious stones, and/or antique Italian beads, which she sets on a delicate 14k gold chain or string of beads. 

Hand-Crafted Feather Necklaces with 14k Gold & Beads

Whether you choose a 14k gold chain or a string beaded necklace, it will glisten and shimmer thanks to the bright and unique colors of each bird feather. These feathers are one-of-a-kind and are unlike any other. On top of the already glowing feather, the necklaces in this collection regularly feature opal, tourmaline, sapphires, pearls, and other precious/semi-precious stones. 

Debbie de la Cueva is a celebrated jewelry artisan whose work is showcased across the globe. Browse her selection of stunning, original feather necklaces and choose yours now before it’s gone forever!