Gold-Filled Earrings

Gold-filled jewelry has long been a symbol of power, good health, and posterity. Some believe that gold has the power to purify anything it touches; it’s always been a coveted precious metal. There is also a belief that yellow gold and even gold-plated jewelry wards off black energy. 

Hand-Crafted Gold Earrings

14k gold earrings crafted by Debbie de la Cueva are thoughtfully designed with precious and semi-precious materials like amethyst, pink sapphires, antique Italian beads, kyanite, and other precious and semi-precious gems. Every set of 14k gold-filled earrings is crafted by hand by Debbie, and her expertise and unique style shines in each one.

Unique Gold-Filled Earrings

Each 14k gold-filled earring is a true original piece of artwork crafted by Debbie herself. Therefore, once a pair of earrings is sold, they are gone forever. These hand-crafted gold earrings are impossible to duplicate because of the unique materials used. Browse the available selection of solid gold earrings by Debbie de la Cueva below.