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Debbie de La Cueva @ Project Artefakto

Debbie is happy to announce that her jewelry is now available at Artefakto's branch store, Project Artefakto, in Sayulita, Mexico.

Project Artefakto

Debbies work is incredible. She is by far my favorite jewelry artist. I’ve been fortunate to be able collect a few pieces over the years. They are stunning; I get so many compliments whenever I wear them. They truly make me happy. Highly recommend.


Bought this as a gift. So pretty - something you can wear with anything. Again, it's hard to assess how exquisite it is from the photos - they're ethereal. You won't be disappointed! Also, the measurements of the stones are very accurate so you'll know what to expect.


"I've bought from Debbie in Sayulita and via phone photos for many many years. The pieces are the most delicate you will ever see. They are not likely to last forever, and sometimes the rings pass along to someone else, which is how the energy is supposed to flow. Enjoy the Beauty and Grace that they bring."


I’ve been a happy customer of Debbie’s work in her shop in Sayulita & now am so thrilled to purchase through her Etsy shop. I love her use of colour/design, quality materials—seamless and warm customer care..and crazy fast shipping! Thank you Debbie!


I have been a fan of Debbie De la Cueva's jewelry pieces for several years, especially her necklaces. They are so beautifully detailed and exquisite. Each one is unique and feels so special. Thank you, Debbie :)


Custom Orders

If you'd like to speak to Debbie personally regarding a custom order or a special request, please feel free to email: info@debbiedelacueva.com!

Notice: The vast majority of Debbie's work is size-adjustable. If you happen to like a particular piece - but it is not the right size - please feel free to reach out!