14k Gold Bracelets

Few possessions are as revered as one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry are, whether they are given as gifts or purchased to add to one’s own collection. The hand-crafted designs by Debbie de la Cueva are all unique and created from materials that are of very limited quantity.

Unique Gold Bracelets

14k gold bracelets by Debbie de la Cueva are created with materials like Afghan turquoise, freshwater pearls, Keshi pearls, Indian diamonds, 17th-18th century Venetian beads in eye-popping colors, green and red rubies, pre-Colombian jade, peridot, and of course 14k and 18k gold, among many others. 

Every real gold bracelet is an original since each is crafted by hand by Debbie. Once a gold bracelet is sold, there will never be another exactly like it, as it is impossible to replicate. 

Hand-Crafted Gold Bracelets

Debbie de la Cueva’s designs and jewelry pieces have been featured in fashion magazines of stature as well as in boutiques across the country. Browse the collection of 14k gold bracelets below and choose your unique jewelry gift today.