Debbie is a jewelry designer of Mexican-American descent, born in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Debbie lived in Mexico, Hawaii, and Paris during her early childhood and later on moved to the United States where she resided for over 25 years. As of 2010, she returned to Mexico and opened her own boutique in Sayulita, not far from Puerto Vallarta. 

What makes Debbie’s work stand out is that every piece is one of a kind and made by her own hands. Many of the materials used in each design are of a very limited quantity. A “trademark” of Debbie’s work would be specifically the use of rare 19th century Venetian beads in exquisite colors coupled with precious and semi-precious stones, tiny pearls and equally diminutive 18k gold connective pieces in unusual shapes and designs. In keeping with the size and scale of each design, gold wire of a very thin gauge is often used. Debbie has succeeded in obtaining the elements that make each piece of jewelry a signature creation. Through skill alone her jewelry would be impossible to replicate.

Her work has been featured in fashion magazines as well as countless high-end boutiques including:

  • Vogue Magazine
  • Fred Segal - Santa Monica
  • Montage Hotel - Laguna Beach 
  • Fetneh Blake Gallery - Laguna Beach
  • Jett Gallery - Santa Fe
  • A’maree’s - Newport Beach
  • HOD Boutique - Paris
  • Four Seasons - Punta Mita
  • Project Artefakto - Sayulita
  • Montage Hotel - Cabo San Lucas
  • Aspen Boutique - Wichita