Antique Beaded Necklaces

Every antique beaded necklace for sale here is made by hand by Debbie de la Cueva using rare, luxury materials. This makes every piece of work stand out as exclusively one of a kind. Pieces made of Afghan turquoise, antique Italian glass beads, freshwater pearls, 18k gold nuggets, opals, and more are available below. Once an antique beaded necklace is sold, there will never be another exactly like it available.

Antique and Vintage Necklaces 

Fine materials used for these wearable masterpieces include 14k gold chains, clasps, and hooks; emerald, carnelian, and citrine backdrops; and centerpieces like kyanite and pink sapphire. These antique glass beaded necklaces for sale are all made to order, and each one is a true signature creation that cannot be replicated.

Antique and vintage necklaces by Debbie de la Cueva have been featured in high-end boutiques and in fashion magazines, some of which include Vogue Magazine, Fred Segal, Jett Gallery, Montage Hotel, Aspen Boutique, and many others. Browse this unique collection of antique beaded necklaces below.