14k Gold Earrings

A Wide Array of Precious 14k Gold Earrings

For more than 27 years, Debbie de la Cueva has been hand-crafting exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces of fine jewelry that feature brilliant stones, antique beads, radiant precious metals, and eye-catching backdrops.

Unique and precious 14k gold earrings have long been a trademark of Debbie's work. A large selection of 14k/18k gold earrings, adorned with precious stones and Pre-Columbian artefacts, can be found within this collection. Precious stones and antique Italian beads of the highest quality can be noticed by their stunning and deep colors.  

Perfect For A Wedding, Birthday, or Special Occasion

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, attending a wedding, or celebrating something special, this collection offers a variety of 14k and 18k gold earrings that are both delicate, fun, and classy. Browse the large collection of unique 14k gold earrings available from Debbie de la Cueva and make your selection today before it’s gone forever. Make a statement and glow with 14k/18k gold earrings by Debbie De la Cueva.