Antique Beaded Bracelets

Unique Antique Beaded Bracelets

Few pieces of jewelry are able to elicit a reaction of amazement like handmade antique beaded bracelets can. Debbie de la Cueva hand-crafts every bracelet with precious stones, antique Italian beads, and semi-precious stones, lending an air of grace and class to the lucky wearer.

Hand-Crafted Gold Bracelets

Whether you choose a string beaded bracelet with mystic corundum, pure gold, and freshwater pearls or you have your eyes on a 14k gold bracelet with gold-plated antique beads, tsavorite, and stunning Italian beads, know that every bracelet made by Debbie de la Cueva is a true one-of-a-kind.

Debbie de la Cueva is a celebrated jewelry artisan whose work is showcased across the globe. Browse her selection of stunning, original antique beaded bracelets and choose yours now before it’s gone forever!

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