Pre-Columbian Necklaces

The term “Pre-Columbian” is used to describe the period in the Americas prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Other terms are also used to describe this same time period, some of which include pre-Hispanic, pre-Cortesian, and ancient American.

Pre-Columbian Jewelry

Pre-Columbian pendants crafted by Debbie de la Cueva capture the essence of a period of time long ago seeped in exotic mystery, stunning historical beauty, and exceptional artisanship. Every piece of Pre-Colombian jewelry is crafted by hand with semi-precious and precious materials chosen individually by Debbie herself.

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The richness of every piece of pre-Columbian jewelry by Debbie de la Cueva is evident in the materials that together, create unique pieces that can never be replicated. 

In this collection, you’ll find materials like 18k gold, Pre-Columbian coral, chrysoprase, bone, Roman glass, Afghan turquoise, and many others.

Whether you select a piece of jewelry crafted of antique Italian beads and Pre-Columbian shells, gold pieces with Pre-Columbian obsidian, or other combinations of enrapturing stones and materials, you’ll always purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is hand-crafted to be 100% original. There will never be another like it in the world.

Browse this gorgeous collection of Pre-Columbian jewelry below and place your order for an original piece today.